Bug Fixes

Viewpoint For Projects™ 2021-01 contains several bug fixes that improve ease of use and performance. The following bug fixes are included in VFP 2021-01.

Item Issue IDDescription
Erroneous Task Messages Appear when Attempting to Print a Single Task. 75181Fixed issue where, when printing a post from a task, instead of showing two posts from different users, the first post is displayed twice while the final post remains missing.
Linked locations show incorrect date/time if not in UK timezone (showing GMT).90739Fixed issue where, the date/time shown on the Linked To date field was incorrect and displayed GMT.
Security Group permission inheritance for newly created groups is broken when looking down the navigation tree.91146Fixed issue where, standard security groups that were created at a higher level than existing security groups were not granted any permission to see any security groups lower down .
Site level templates do not include projects.97076Fixed issue where the site level templates did not include projects.
When batch uploading into a container with custom field, the default value is not applied to all items.98059Fixed issue where, if a custom field is applied to a container with a default value set, and items are uploaded via MFU, the default value was not applied to all items.
Reports within 'My Reports' cannot be exported using XLS.98673Fixed issue where, default reports within My Reports could not be exported using XLS.
Containers that are deleted are still detected as filters on a workflow.100181Fixed issue where deleted containers were still detected as filters on a workflow.
Decision node notification emails dispatched to groups do not include custom email text.100190Fixed issue where decision node emails dispatched to groups did not include a custom email text.
Revision statuses in use can be deleted on Enterprise level.100202Fixed issue where revision statuses in use could be deleted on an enterprise level.
Username character limit is lower than the limit for email addresses that can be invited.100207Fixed issue where, when inviting a user, the email character limit was longer than the username limit therefore customers with email addresses over 50 characters could not be invited.
Templating no longer works post 2020.7.100403Fixed issue where templates could no longer be created post 2020.7 release.
API VP ID Changes.100570Fixed issue where calls to the STS endpoint would fail as a result of an extra parameter making the wsdl inaccurate. It was mainly affecting users who consumed the API via powershell or equivalent methods.
Priority column not included in xls report from Task containers100633Fixed issue where the priority column would not be included when selecting the XLSX option for export as report.
A project template with a name exceeding 50 characters will error when being processed.100694Fixed issue where a project template with a name exceeding 50 characters returned an error when being processed.
Following workflow/task notifications when MFA is enabled results in a generic error.100928Fixed issue where, following workflow/task notifications when MFA was enabled resulted in a generic error.