Bug Fixes

Viewpoint For Projects™ 2021-04 contains several bug fixes that improve ease of use and performance. The following bug fixes are included in VFP 2021-04.

Item Issue ID Description
Project Level 'Manage workflows' permission does not allow reverting of items if inheritance is broken. 81340 Fixed issue where the project level manage work-flows permission did not allow the reverting of items if the inheritance was broken.
Export as report - Different data received depending on export method. 94269 Fixed issue where, a difference in data was observed when exporting a report from a task container between a .xls and .csv file.
Predefined Outcome Comments do not display and can be skipped when voting via View and Mark Up. 99141 Fixed issue where, predefined outcome comments did not display and were skipped when voting via View and Markup.
Error uploading via MFU if the first node is compliance. 102716 Fixed issue where, when uploading an item via MFA a work flow set the first node as a compliance node.
Users with language set to Polish cannot create projects. 103216 Fixed issue where users who set their language to Polish could not create a project.
Meta data with quotation marks is truncated when using Editable Grid. 103535 Fixed issue where meta data (name, description, etc) with a quotation mark is cut short when using the editable grid.
Live revise- This file exceeds the server file size limit error. 103587 Fixed issue where, some files failed to save when live revising.
Email address username validation repeatedly restarts for profiles with multiple contact channel types (phone, address, fax etc). 103640 Fixed issue where, the email address username validation repeatedly restarted for profiles with multiple contact channel types.
Project list drop down on forms sorts by project created date. 103933 Fixed issue where, when using a project dropdown field in a form, the projects were listed in the order they were created instead of alphabetically.
Mails sent through the Mailing Service will not be sent out of Mailgun if the email address contains an apostrophe. 104122 Fixed issue where emails would not be sent to users if the email address contained an apostrophe.
Live Revise does not notify default recipients. 104147 Fixed issue where, live revise did not notify default recipients.
Naming Convention components ignore parent container inheritance settings. 104478 Fixed issue where, the naming convention ignored the parent container inheritance setting.