Coming Soon in VFP 2023 R3

With the third Viewpoint For Projects release of 2023, we plan to upgrade to the latest version of XBIM engine to ensure a better experience viewing 3D models. This will address the increasing failure rates in model processing and provide full support when processing model elements and data. Following the release, IFC Models uploaded in the last six months will be reprocessed to ensure they're compliant and can benefit from the new features of the XBIM upgrade. In addition, we're also updating security features and making bug fixes to improve your use of VFP.

Bug Fixes

Descriptions of the bug fixes planned for this release. This list is subject to change until R3 is officially released.

DescriptionIssue ID
The Action to column for a task always displays the latest user assigned, even when viewing prior revisions.104091
The Live Revise feature stops working for items when mandatory custom fields or keywords are enabled.108606
Tasks with Disable Forwarding enabled can no longer be edited.109651
When the compliance node is deleted, items in the workflow won't progress.109893
When Use Email Service is enabled, workflow termination emails aren't being sent.110032

Release Availability Schedule

Please refer to the Release Availability Schedule for release timing.