What's New in VFP 2022-01 - February 2022

The first release of Viewpoint For Projects in 2022 enables a stronger connection to Viewpoint Team. We've also implemented stylistic and formatting changes that make it easier to do your work, and which help modernise and standardise the application's look and feel.

A list of Bug Fixes is also available.

Action Required for North America users

If you're based in North America, your Viewpoint ID login has been (or will soon be) upgraded to Trimble, and this upgrade impacts your access to the 4Outlook and 4Explorer plugins.

In order to continue using these plugin utilities after the upgrade, you will need to take a one-time action using the Viewpoint For Projects app in the web browser. For instructions, see Generate a Personal Access Token (NA only).

To learn more about the upgrade, see Upgrade your Viewpoint ID to Trimble (NA only).

Deeper Integration with Team

For Viewpoint Team enterprises connected to Viewpoint For Projects, Team, users can now publish Team documents directly into Projects document containers.

No action is required in VFP to accept or receive the document, making it easy for your supply chain and collaborators who are using Team to submit information for approval in VFP.

For more information, see Publish a Team Document to VFP.

Easier Status Administration

You can much more easily tell whether a status is assigned, inherited, or unassigned in the Status Configuration screen with a refreshed design that is easier to scan.

Statuses which should not be selected by users uploading documents can now be disabled from use, reducing the opportunity for error at upload and revise. This is made possible by the new Show On Upload and Revise status setting, available only at the Enterprise level.

Standardised Button locations

The location and sequence of the call-to-action buttons like OK, Apply, Next, and so on are now standardised so that your experience in any given Trimble Viewpoint solution looks and feels similar.

New Download Format options

When configuring user settings, you now have two new formats to choose from, bringing the number of format options to seven. The new additions are:
  • Name_Classifications
  • Name_Description_Classifications

Modernised Quick Info panel

Using our new styling standards, the right-hand panel Quick Info screen more clearly displays the information you want to see. In addition, you can now quickly share Short Codes, making it easier to highlight important items to your project team.

Bolder Font

For better visual clarity throughout the application, greater contrast has been given to the font, making it easier to distinguish items you've viewed.