Bug Fixes

Descriptions of the customer-reported issues fixed in this release.

DescriptionIssue ID
The Public URL would download compressed MSI files as .DAT files.91309
Batch download items would intermittently have incorrect descriptions.94695
When revising transmittals, project-level permissions were being applied for some users, rather than permissions on the transmittal container.95482
Apostrophes in some workflow panel members' names appeared as hex codes.97284
Use of brackets { } in workflow names caused an error.99043
Files with Japanese characters in the file name caused problems when downloaded in a batch, and had to be downloaded individually.103240
Certain scenarios led to being unable to change the the viewer rendering mode.100330
DWG files which were secondary files would sometimes not load in View and Markup.103691
After selecting Download Contents on SVC/DVCs, the folder structure was being omitted, even when Include folder structure was selected.104041
Use of an apostrophe in the 'Comments' section of a public link caused the comment to become corrupted.104149
File names with more than 100 characters and which contained special characters were getting uploaded as unregistered files.104497
Downloading a container with its files and structure required manual intervention if the DOWNLOAD_FORMAT setting resulted in names with character counts above 255.104518
Prior revisions of blocked items could still be downloaded.105777
Matrix View 'Export as report' would fail if the container name included a comma.106118
The ampersand (&) wasn't recognised as a valid character in list type naming convention components.106126
The pop-up notification in Transmittals used to check members access wasn't persistent enough.106208
Container links within notification emails sometimes produced a 404 error.106378
If a revision's file extension name character case (caps/non-caps) didn't match between revisions, the item wouldn't revise. 106381
When within a linked location, secondary files couldn't be added.106429
The expiry date selected for Public files got overridden by a default setting of 3 months.106453
Markup file names with more than 60 characters caused the .stamp file to become corrupted.106490
Upon removal of a user from a security group, the Activity Log would reset all remaining users' as having been added at that moment.106518
The target weight requirement was dynamic when voter count wasn't, resulting in items accepted or rejected that shouldn't have been.106544
Some users encountered a server timeout error after their user account was upgraded to Viewpoint ID.106557