Bug Fixes

Descriptions of the customer-reported issues fixed in this release.

DescriptionIssue ID
If Apply was pressed when adding files to a task, the files sometimes didn’t attach.95393
If a container was made both private and public, it would display the default recipients icon.98684
Implemented Matrix transmittal scheduler improvements to help prevent scheduled revisions from erroneously repeating.104638
Template Activity Logs intermittently displayed only blank entries.105595
When Notify recipients by email was selected for a document and the document was revised, Notify recipients by email had to be selected again.106221
The vote dropdown in View & Mark Up didn't always display the destination node name.106744
Changes in status assignment weren't being tracked in the Activity Log.106908
When Naming Convention was used in a project, Contract Manager couldn't properly use the naming convention when a form was saved.106915
Changing panel members on a review markups node showed a non-expandable amend in the Activity Log.106947
In some emails, the logo may have appeared stretched.107114
A portion of the status bar was non-responsive for some users.107159
If an item was selected prior to opening the Quick Info tab, the Properties section in the tab didn't load.107168
An item name character limit resulted in some items being converted to a folder when downloaded or renamed.107197
The discussion email link didn't work for some users.107232
Downloading certain selections of workflow attachments occasionally resulted in an error.107247
Distribution and security groups could not be edited if the screen had been opened from within the user profile window.107262
If a file was named using underscores, VFP changed them to hyphens when downloading the file.107277
If the status of an item was hidden and the item was revised, an error message would display stating the data couldn’t be retrieved107280
When a column in an editable grid was resized, the name column would shrink.107596
An error would sometimes occur when downloading primary files copied from a Matrix Transmittal.107722