What's New in VFP 2022-03 - July 2022

The third release of Viewpoint For Projects in 2022 focuses on maintenance and provides fixes to these customer-reported issues.

DescriptionIssue ID
Unable to open a previous revision of a workflow in the mobile app if the current revision was in a non-visible decision node.90883
Shared session data in Virtual Containers can lead to data being written to the wrong location.95934
A user can edit primary and secondary files if edit permissions have been granted, even if the Override command has been used.104123
If an item name is less than 11 characters, it will fail when comparing it through View and Markup.106623
When using VFP on a desktop, the Viewpoint ID login window opens in Internet Explorer.106830
When saving a new Discussion, the text box isn't mandatory.107714
The search function doesn't work when the search criteria contains a single quote mark (').107773
Talk and discussion emails fail to dispatch to recipients if the message body was too large.108331