What's New in VFP 2022-04 August 2022

With the fourth Viewpoint For Projects release of 2022, we bring to you a new look and feel for VFP Mobile, including introducing more modern logos and icons and making some functions easier to use. We've also modernised the way emails are transmitted and improved the Matrix Transmittal Scheduler and API integration.

VFP Desktop

An update to VFP Desktop removes a dependency on Internet Explorer and also enables authentication with Trimble ID in preparation for a future release.

VFP Mobile

User Experience improvements and updated brand styling are available in the latest update to VFP Mobile from your device app store.

Modernised Email Transmissions

Task, Discussions, and Matrix Transmittal emails are now being sent through a dedicated Email Service rather than SMTP. This improves the ability to validate the recipient's email address for troubleshooting issues.

Matrix Transmittal Scheduler Update

We’ve upgraded the technology behind the scheduling of Matrix Transmittal emails, bringing efficiency and performance improvements.

API Improvement

We've enabled JSON web token authentication to the API to allow VFP to be registered as a full API resource.