What's New in VFP 2022-05 August 2022

With the fifth Viewpoint For Projects release of 2022, we made it easier to create more virtual containers after one has already been created. We also started the creation of the Notification Centre as an important step towards improving the technology, security, and infrastructure that delivers millions of email notifications to your supply chain and collaborators on VFP.

Creating Virtual Containers

Now when creating virtual containers, you can click Create Another instead of closing the processes and starting over.

In the coming months: Notification Centre

We're working on the creation of a new Notification Centre within VFP. This Notification Centre will collate important messages and provide actionable links directly from VFP without requiring you to access these from email.

The first phase of our delivery will bring into the Notification Centre:
  • discussion download links
  • revision download links
  • task download links
  • IFC/COBie processing confirmations