What's New in VFP 2022-06 September 2022

With the sixth Viewpoint For Projects™ release of 2022, we released the initial notification centre feature.

Notification Centre

​This update takes an important step towards improving the technology, security and infrastructure that delivers millions of email notifications to your supply chain and collaborators on VFP.

The new Notification Centre within VFP will collate important messages and allow you to take action on links directly from VFP, without needing to go to your email.

This phase of our delivery will allow you to access Revision download links, task download links and confirmations on IFC/COBie processing into the Notification Centre.

When users download revisions or tasks from their containers, the bell icon will display a number when the extracted information is ready to be downloaded. When they click the bell, VFP will open the notification centre and display a notification card with the download information.