Bug Fixes

Descriptions of the bug fixes for this release.

DescriptionIssue ID
Microsoft Office 365 will cut off the extension of items with file names containing an ampersand (&).110599
The type of a copied child virtual container can’t be changed.110628
Task and static virtual container email links produce a 404 error.111028
Special characters (like, Ü, é) in keywords are rendered as a question mark.111380
In French VFP, the drop down menu for Custom Field Type always shows the simple text view, regardless of what view is selected.111516
For some projects, Trimble Connect doesn’t display the loaded project.111556
There's an error when using copy container structure with static virtual containers with attachments.111570
Clicking email notifications links to tasks can result in 404 errors.111665
Component on a naming convention displays an incorrect validation box.111775