What's New in VFP 2023 R9

With the eighth VFP release of 2023, we continue our focus on Trimble Connect functionality. We're also improving our classification tool to allow compatibility with the editable grid and working on other minor improvements.

Trimble Connect

With this release, you’ll be able to easily share any VFP documents into Trimble Connect. Previously, files had to be published to VFP from Trimble Connect in the first place in order to send them back. This will help in streamlining customer workflows and open up the benefits of Trimble Connect to more of your project documents, models and data.

Continued Classification Improvements

We added the ability to use the editable grid to update classifications and metadata of multiple documents at once in your static and virtual containers. Classifications can be edited or removed, and can be viewed in the properties dialog or searched in the advanced options.

Select Enterprise and Options

When you first go to log in to VFP, you can now use the tabs to manage your personal details or your profiles and pending invitations. In addition, you can now select the enterprise row instead of its name to choose the enterprise.

Release Availability Schedule

Please refer to the Release Availability Schedule for release timing.