Bug Fixes

Descriptions of the bug fixes for this release.

DescriptionIssue ID
Adding attachments to tasks may not work if multiple task windows are open simultaneously. 108755
There’s an error when the outcome of nodes using weighted voting are deleted from the workflow.109892
Microsoft Office 365 will cut off the extension of items with filenames containing an ampersand (&).110599
An “amend” journal entry and applicable workflows occur when a user moves items for which they don’t have permission.110657
An item can't be edited in 365 Revise if the item has recipients being notified of changes. 111226
If a security group lives at the project level of a container and is named using the word Cast followed by parenthesis, like Cast(created), it can’t be edited because a security risk is detected.111526
Invitation searches are running slowly when sub-containers are selected.111698
Deleting a node immediately after a compliance node in a workflow prevents compliance from completing.111838
The cache must be cleared in order to access Trimble Connect projects.111918
There are issues with zooming with Copy Container Structures on lower resolutions.111919
A revoked user is still receiving discussion notifications due to being the item owner.111945