Accept an Invitation and Create an Account

When you receive an invitation to Trimble Construction One, you can create an account to access your employee information in HR Management.

The email address where the invitation was sent will be your login email for Trimble Construction One.
  1. Select the Confirm Email and Configure Account button in the email invitation.
    Note: The button label may vary based on the role you have in Trimble Construction One.
    The Trimble Construction One invitation opens in an internet browser.
  2. In the First Name field, modify your first name if needed.
  3. In the Last Name field, modify your last name if needed.
  4. In the Phone field, enter a phone number.
  5. In the Password field, enter a password to use when you log in to Trimble Construction One.
    The password requirements are displayed under the password field on the screen with an icon. As you enter a password, the icon is updated to to indicate that the password meets the requirement. The password can only be saved when all the requirements have a icon.
  6. Select Create Account.