Update My Personal Information

Review and update your personal information currently on file in your organization's HR Management system, including your name, address, phone numbers, emergency contact, and direct deposit information.

Any edits that you make to your Personal Information are submitted to your HR team for approval and will display with a Pending indicator on the Personal Information page.
  1. From the Employee Self-Service home page, select the Personal icon. Or, you can select the main menu in the upper left corner of the home page, and then select Personal Info.

    The Personal Info page opens, showing tabs for Personal Info, Emergency Contacts, and Direct Deposit.

  2. If you are assigned to multiple companies, you can use the Company field (located on the left side of the page under your name) to view your personal information by company.

    After you select a company, the page refreshes to show the personal information that you have on file for that company.

  3. Select from the following tabs to review and manage your information:
    • Personal Info: Shows your name, physical and mailing addresses, and phone numbers.

    • Emergency Contacts: Lists your current emergency contact, including the contact's name, telephone number, and relationship to you.

      Note: Currently, only one emergency contact is available to update.
    • Direct Deposit: Shows the account number, bank routing number, type of account, direct deposit amount, and other details for each bank account that you currently have on file for your direct deposit of earnings.

      Note: For security purposes, your account number and bank routing number are initially obfuscated on the page. To reveal these numbers, select the icon next to the applicable number.
  4. To update your name or contact information, select the Personal Info tab:
    1. Select in the appropriate section on the tab.
    2. Make your changes.
    3. Select Done.
      For example, to update your mailing address, select the Personal Info tab, and then select in the Mailing Address section. Update your address as needed, and then select Done.
  5. To update your emergency contact information, select the Emergency Contacts tab:
    1. Select in the appropriate section on the tab.
    2. Make your changes.
    3. Select Done.
      For example, to update the phone number for an emergency contact, select the Emergency Contacts tab, and then select for that contact. Update the Telephone Number as needed, and then select Done.
  6. To update your direct deposit information, select the Direct Deposit tab. See Update My Direct Deposit Information for details.

Following approval or denial by an HR team member, the Pending indicator on a requested change is removed. If the change was approved, the Personal Information page will reflect the update. If denied, the page will show the information prior to your edits.