HR Administration

HR Management provides the tools and resources that your HR team members need to manage employee information currently on file in your Spectrum ERP system.

Before You Begin

Before you can access HR Admin Tools, you will need to set up your user account so that you can log in to Trimble Construction One. You should have received an email invitation with instructions and a link. If you have not yet received the email invitation, please contact your system administrator.

For help setting up your user account, please see the Getting Started: User Accounts section in Help.

Access Employee Self-Service

After your account has been set up, you can access Employee Self-Service from the Trimble Construction One home page or from See Access Employee Self-Service for help with each of these options.
Important: In order for your employees to access Employee Self-Service, you will need to migrate those operator accounts to Trimble Construction One. See Invite Employees to Employee Self-Service for details.

About HR Admin Tools

When you log in to Employee Self-Service, you will see an HR Admin Tools section with options that depend on whether your enterprise user role is HR administrator or HR specialist and your permissions. These same HR Admin Tools will also be available to you from the main menu in the upper left corner of the home page.

  • HR administrators will see a User Management option that allows them to identify active users in the system, users with or without logins or email addresses on file, users by role, and other details. HR admins can also access Admin Settings from the main menu .
  • HR specialists will see an Employee Dashboard option that allows them to review and manage employee information currently on file in Spectrum. HR specialists can view information only for those employees who fall under their assigned permission groups.

    Note: An HR admin must assign HR specialists to the appropriate permission groups (from the main menu , select Admin Settings and then select Permission Groups) before those specialists can access Employee Dashboard information.

Learn About HR Tools and Administration