Configure Personal Info Settings

HR administrators and authorized HR specialists can configure settings specific to the Personal Information section of Employee Self-Service.

HR specialists can view information only for employees who fall under their permission groups. See Permission Groups for details.
  1. From the Employee Self-Service main menu , select HR Admin Settings.

    The Admin Settings page opens.

  2. Select the Personal Info Settings section on the left side of the page.
  3. Under Direct Deposits, select the slider for the setting that you want to enable or disable. Selected sliders display in blue. Currently, the following settings are available:
    What status do you want to use when direct deposit data is sent from HR to Spectrum?
    • Enable this setting if you want new direct deposit accounts or edits to existing accounts to be subject to a prenote period. This means that funds will not be deposited into a newly-added or an updated bank account until after the prenotification period has passed. In the meantime, the employee will either receive a regular check or funds will be deposited into the other active direct deposit account(s) set up for this employee, if applicable.

    • When this setting is disabled (default), new direct deposit accounts added in Employee Self-Service and changes made to existing accounts are set as active, meaning that Spectrum will use the new auto deposit banking information immediately, without requiring a prenotification step.

    Do you require employees to upload a voided check or other image for direct deposit changes?
    • Enable this setting if you want to require that employees upload a copy of a voided check when they add or edit a direct deposit bank account on the Personal Info > Direct Deposit page. HR specialists can then validate bank information during the approval process. See Approve Personal Information Changes for the recommended workflow for direct deposit approvals.

    • When this setting is disabled (default), employees have the option to upload a voided check when they add or edit a direct deposit bank account, but they are not required to do so.

  4. Changes made to Personal Info Settings are saved automatically. When you are finished, you can return to the main Employee Self-Service page by selecting the return icon in the upper left of the page.