Create Permission Groups

HR admins create permission groups to determine whose employee information HR specialists can view from the Employee Dashboard and to assign approval permissions.

An HR admin must set up permission groups before HR specialists can access Employee Dashboard information. HR specialists can belong to multiple permission groups and may be assigned permission to approve (or deny) Personal Information changes submitted by employees. Permission group changes are saved automatically.
  1. From the Employee Self-Service main menu , select HR Admin Settings.

    The Admin Settings page opens.

  2. Select the Permission Groups section on the left side of the page.

    The Permission Groups page opens, showing a list of existing permission groups, if any have been set up.

  3. To create a new permission group, select New Group in the lower right of the page.
    Note: To edit an existing permission group, select the pencil icon in that permission group section to open Permission Group Details. On the Permission Group Details page, you can edit HR user access, add or remove companies, change approval permissions, or delete a permission group.
  4. Enter a permission Group Name.
  5. In the Who has access? section, select an HR specialist to assign to this permission group.
    • After you select a specialist, that person's name displays in the Who has access? section.

    • Continue adding specialists until you have added all users who should have the permissions assigned to this group.

  6. In the To which companies? section, select a company to assign to this permission group. HR specialists assigned to this permission group will be able to view information for all employees in the selected companies.
    • After you select a company, that company name displays in the To which companies? section. Add more companies as needed.

    • For companies with associated cost centers, a Cost Center section displays. If you want the permissions that you are setting up for this group to apply to specific cost centers only, select those cost centers from the Add Cost Centers field. To apply the current permissions to all cost centers in a company, leave that company's cost centers section blank.

  7. In the What can they do? section, select the permissions to assign to the HR specialists in this permission group.
    • View: Allows HR specialists to view but not approve Personal Information updates submitted by employees in the companies assigned to this permission group.

    • Approve: Allows HR specialists to view and approve Personal Information updates submitted by employees in the companies assigned to this permission group.

  8. Changes made to Permission Groups are saved automatically. When you are finished, you can return to the main Employee Self-Service page by selecting the return icon in the upper left of the page.