Approve Personal Information Changes

HR administrators and authorized HR specialists can approve changes that employees have made to their Personal Information in Employee Self-Service. Approved changes flow into your Spectrum ERP system automatically.

HR specialists must be assigned approval permissions to complete this task. HR admins assign approval permissions by company on the Permission Groups page.
Important: Currently, Spectrum rejects approvals that are sent through the system during payroll processing. As a best practice, work with your Payroll department regarding the timing of payroll processing, and wait until payroll processing is complete to send approvals. Employees must resubmit any changes that Spectrum rejects.
  1. Open the Employee Dashboard from the Employee Self-Service home page. To do this, select Employee Dashboard under HR Admin Tools. Or, you can select the main menu in the upper left corner of the home page, and then select Employee Dashboard.
  2. If you are assigned to multiple companies, select the applicable company from the drop-down field in the upper left of the dashboard.
    Important: You must have approval permissions for the selected company in order to continue with this process.
  3. On the left side of the dashboard, select the Approvals filter, and then select Pending Approvals.
  4. In the drop-down list, select the check box for Personal Information.

    The grid refreshes automatically to list only those employees with Personal Information changes that are pending approval.

  5. Select an employee from the list.

    The Employee Details page opens to the Personal & Employment Info tab. You will notice that a Pending indicator is showing on the sections where the employee has made a change.

  6. To view pending approvals, you can select either the Approvals tab on the left side of the Employee Details page, or select the Pending Approvals button in the upper right.

  7. On the Approvals page, you will see a tile or tiles showing the number of pending changes to approve in that area (for example, Personal Info or Direct Deposit). Select the arrow on a tile to open the Review Changes pop-up window where you can approve or deny the requested changes.

  8. To approve a request, in the Review Changes pop-up window, select the Approve button.

    When a change is approved, the Pending indicator on the Personal Information page is removed, and the page retains the updated information as entered by the employee. This same change is pushed to your Spectrum ERP system immediately.

  9. To deny a request, in the Review Changes pop-up window, select the Deny button for that request.

    When a change is denied, the Pending indicator on the Personal Information page is removed, and the page reverts to the information as shown prior to the employee's edits. No changes are made in Spectrum.