View Employee Details

Review and manage employee details currently on file in your Spectrum ERP system.

HR specialists can view information only for employees who fall under their permission groups and must be assigned permission to approve Personal Information changes. See Permission Groups for details.
  1. From the Employee Self-Service home page, select Employee Dashboard under HR Admin Tools. Or, select the in the upper left corner of the home page, and then select Employee Dashboard.

    The Employee Management page opens, showing a list of employees who fall under the default company.

  2. If you are assigned to multiple companies, select the applicable company from the field in the upper left of the dashboard.
  3. To sort the grid by a particular column, select that column header.
  4. To narrow the list of employee names shown in the grid, you can search for a specific employee by name, or use grid filters. The grid refreshes automatically based on your selections.
    1. To search for an employee by name, enter the employee's name (or portion of the name) in the Search by name field.

    2. To filter by Personal Information updates that are awaiting approval, select the Approvals filter and then choose Pending Approvals. From the list that displays, select the check box for Personal Information.

      Note: When filtering by Pending Approvals, HR specialists will see grid results only if they have been assigned permission to approve Personal Information updates.
    3. To filter by Cost Center, Craft Master (union), Payroll Department, or Employment Status, select Filters:

      • The Cost Center, Craft Master, Payroll Department, and Employment Status filters include a series of checkboxes. Select the checkbox for each item to include in your filter.
      • For example, to filter by cost center, select the Cost Center field, and then select the checkbox for each cost center relevant to your search.
  5. After the grid refreshes, select the employee whose personal information you want to view.

    The Employee Details page opens to the Personal & Employment Info section. The other available sections are Approvals and History.

  6. From the Personal & Employment Info section, you can view the employee's job title, occupation, and hire date. You can also select to view the employee's Personal Info, Emergency Contacts, Employment information (job details), or Direct Deposit information.
    Note: You will notice a Pending indicator on the sections where the employee has made a change that is pending approval.
    • Select the Personal Info tab to view the employee's current contact information, including name, physical and mailing addresses, and phone numbers.

    • Select the Emergency Contacts tab to view the employee's emergency contact.

      Note: Currently, only one emergency contact displays.
    • Select the Employment tab to view an employee's job details, including the employee's ID, company, job title, hire date, status, location, payroll department, and cost center (if applicable)

    • Select the Direct Deposit tab to view information about each bank account that the employee has on file for direct deposit of earnings, including the account number, bank routing number, and direct deposit amount.

      Note: For security purposes, the employee's account number, routing number, and uploaded check image (if applicable) display as hidden on the page. To view any of these items, select the icon for that item.

    For descriptions of the fields shown on each of the tabs on the Employee Details page, see Employee Details Fields.

  7. If you have permission to approve Personal Information updates, you can select the Approvals section to view Personal Information changes that an employee has made and that are pending approval. See Approve Personal Information Changes for details.
  8. Select the History section to view an audit of Personal Information changes for an employee. See View Change History for details.
For more information on the tabs and fields shown on the Employee Details page, see Employee Details Fields.