Configure Enterprise Settings

HR administrators and authorized HR specialists can enable or disable the Employee Self-Service features that employees can access within an enterprise.

HR specialists can view information only for employees who fall under their permission groups. See Permission Groups for details.
  1. From the Employee Self-Service main menu , select HR Admin Settings.

    The Admin Settings page opens to the Enterprise Settings section. The other available sections are Permission Groups and Personal Info Settings.

  2. In the Enterprise Settings section, select the slider for the feature that you want to enable or disable for all users in the current enterprise. Selected sliders display in blue.
    • Personal Information: Allows employees to access all sections under Personal Information, including the main Personal Info page (shows the employee's contact information), Emergency Contacts, and Direct Deposit.

    • Earnings: Allows employees to access all sections under Earnings, including their pay stubs and W-2 forms.

  3. Changes made to Enterprise Settings are saved automatically. When you are finished, you can return to the main Employee Self-Service page by selecting the return icon in the upper left of the page.