Create Limited Security Operators and Migrate Accounts to Trimble Construction One

In order to give your employee users access to Employee Self-Service, add them as Spectrum operators with limited security access to Employee Kiosk. Then migrate their credentials to Trimble Construction One.

Full details on operator maintenance, including how to give users access to Employee Kiosk and how to migrate login credentials, are provided in the Spectrum Security Guide, which is available to Spectrum security administrators.
  1. Create an Employee Kiosk user template:
    1. In Spectrum, select System Administration > Security > Operator Maintenance.

    2. Select New.

    3. Create an Employee Kiosk user to serve as a template. For User Type, select Employee Kiosk, and assign an Operator code of EK.

    4. Create a Logon ID and Password, and name this user EK Template or something similar.

    5. Leave Copy from logon blank.

    6. Select OK.

    7. Open the EK template operator record that you just created, and select the Scheme tab.

    8. Select Specify company overrides to unlock the Categories tab.

    9. Select the Categories tab, and create two new category lines with these settings:

      • Line 1: Category = PA; Level = 1 (allows the user to sign in)
      • Line 2: Category = EK; Level = 2 (allows the user to view Personal Information)
    10. Select OK.

  2. Ensure that each employee user has a unique email address associated with their Spectrum operator code:
    1. In Spectrum, select System Administration > Security > Operator Maintenance, and review the E-mail column. If any users have not been given work email addresses, you can enter personal email addresses for them.

      Important: Employee users must have unique email addresses in Spectrum before you migrate their accounts. This email address will become the employee's login ID for Employee Self-Service.
    2. To bulk update email addresses for employees, you can use the Spectrum SDX Employee Personal Import template:

      • Use the Employee_Email field (column R) to enter email addresses before updating.
      • If any employees already have access to Trimble Construction One but DO NOT have a migrated Spectrum operator record, be sure to use the same email account for both records so that they link properly.
  3. Bulk create employee logons for each employee user who does not have one using the Create Employee Logons utility:
    1. In Spectrum, select System Administration > Security > Create Employee Logons.

    2. Use the Selection criteria options to create logons in groups. This is especially useful for companies with many employees.

    3. In the Copy from logon ID drop-down, select the Employee Kiosk user template that you created previously.

    4. Select Continue to review proposed operator records, particularly the following information:

      • Proposed password: Randomly-generated buy may be edited.
      • Work e-mail address: May be edited.
      • Update status: Following validation of the employee file in Spectrum, a status displays in this field to indicate whether the operator record is ready to be created. If a status other than Ready to create shows in this field, errors were found and must be corrected before creating the account (typically, missing information or an issue with the user's email account).
  4. Migrate employee users to Trimble Construction One:
    Important: You only need to migrate the active Spectrum operators who will access Employee Self-Service.
    1. In Spectrum, select System Administration > Security > Operator Maintenance.

    2. Select all users that you want to migrate.

      Tip: You can use the Trimble Construction One status column to quickly locate records that are Ready to be migrated. You can also use this column to validate which records have already been migrated and which ones require attention.
    3. Select the Migrate Operators to Trimble Construction One button in the upper right of the Operator Maintenance screen.

    4. Following migration, the Trimble Construction One status column on the Operator Maintenance screen will update to reflect the new operator account status.