Create Logons for External Users of Trimble Construction One

You may have employees who are set up in Trimble Construction One as External Users but do not exist as Spectrum operators. Do not delete these users. Instead, set them up as operators in Spectrum and then migrate their operator credentials to Trimble Construction One.

Full details on operator maintenance, including how to give users access to Employee Kiosk and how to migrate login credentials, are provided in the Spectrum Security Guide, which is available to Spectrum security administrators
  1. To identify external users, your Enterprise Administrator can do the following:
    1. Open the Admin Center in Trimble Construction One.

    2. Select the User Management tab.

    3. Select the External User filter at the top of the page to filter the grid for external users.

    4. In the User Type column, note any employees with a type of External User. These users will need to be set up as Spectrum operators and have their operator credentials migrated to Trimble Construction One.

    Note: Spectrum operators who are listed as Internal User or Internal (ERP) User are migrated to Trimble Construction One automatically.
  2. To create a Spectrum operator and migrate the external user's credentials:
    1. Log in to Spectrum using single sign-on.

    2. Set up each External User who should have access to Employee Self-Service as a Spectrum operator with access to Employee Kiosk (you do not need to send them login credentials for Employee Kiosk). Note that these users can have access to other modules.

    3. Make sure that the email address associated with their operator code in Spectrum matches their email address in Trimble Construction One.

    4. After validating or updating email addresses, select the users whose credentials you want to migrate, and then select the Migrate Operators to Trimble Construction One button in the upper right of the Operator Maintenance screen (System Administration > Security > Operator Maintenance).

  3. Following their account migration, these users will still be listed as External Users on the User Management page in Trimble Construction One. However, the Operator Maintenance screen in Spectrum will indicate whether an external user's account has been migrated:
    1. In Spectrum, select Spectrum > Security > Operator Maintenance.

    2. Search for a user, or select Go to review all users in the selected company. A list of operators displays in the grid.

    3. Locate the column called Trimble Construction One status:

      • This column will show Migrated to Trimble Construction One for all users whose credentials have been migrated.
      • If this column shows any other status for an operator, that employee user will not be able to access Employee Self-Service.