Identify Employees Without Logins or Email Addresses on File

Users who cannot log in to Employee Self-Service may be missing a Trimble Construction One login. Identify employees without logins or email addresses on file from the User Management - Beta page.

HR administrators can access the User Management - Beta page by default. HR specialists can view information only for employees who fall under their permission groups. See Permission Groups for details.
  1. From the Employee Self-Service home page, select User Management - Beta under HR Admin Tools. Or, select the in the upper left corner of the home page, and then select User Management - Beta.
    The User Management - Beta page opens, showing a list of all Employee Self-Service users, including their current status, company, and role. You will notice buttons at the top of the page that show a count of all users, users without a login, and users with a login.

  2. To narrow the list of employee names shown in the grid, you can search for a specific employee by name, or use grid filters. The grid and user counts shown at the top of the page refresh automatically based on your selections.
    1. To search for an employee by name, enter the employee's name (or portion of the name) in the Search field in the upper left of the page.
    2. To filter by user role, status, or company, select the applicable check boxes under the Roles, Statuses, or Companies section on the left side of the page.
  3. To view only those employees who are missing logins, select the Without login button at the top of the grid.
  4. For users who are missing a Trimble Construction One login, you will need to add them as Employee Kiosk users in Spectrum, ensuring that each user has a unique email address associated with their Spectrum operator code. See Security Requirements for Employee Users for details.
  5. For users who have a Trimble Construction One login but are missing an email address, you will need to update their email address in Spectrum. You can update emails individually or in bulk. See Create Limited Security Operators and Migrate Accounts to Trimble Construction One (step 2) for details.