Invite Employees to Employee Self-Service

Invite employee users to your Employee Self-Service portal.

Note: This process requires administrative access to Spectrum and Trimble Construction One.

After employees accept your invitation and create their account, it can take approximately 15 minutes for their data to display in your portal. Once their data becomes available, employees can easily access their information based on the features that you have enabled in Employee Self-Service.

Learn how to invite employees

To invite employees to your portal and confirm that they can access Employee Self-Service, follow these steps:

  1. Send a Welcome Email to Employees.
  2. Create an Employee Kiosk User Template (if you do not already have one).
  3. Bulk Create Employee Kiosk Operators in Spectrum.
  4. Migrate Employee Users to Trimble Construction One (Trimble ID).
  5. Track User Invitations.
  6. Verify That Employees Can Access Employee Self-Service.


For answers to frequently asked questions about user accounts and data access, please see Troubleshooting the Employee Invitation Process page in Help.