What Data Syncs Between Onboarding and Spectrum

Find details on the field information passed from Onboarding to Spectrum. An asterisk (*) indicates a required field.

Onboarding Field Sync Direction Spectrum Field Field Logic or Notes
*First Name *First Name
Middle Name Middle Name
*Last Name *Last Name
Address 1
Address 2
Zip Code
Cell Phone
Other Phone Personal telephone
*Date of Birth Date of birth
*Social Security Number Social security number
Gender Sex
Race Race
Disability Status Flags the Disability check box
Veteran Status Veteran Status
*Filing Status Filing Status
*Dependent Amount Dependents claimed annually (step 3)
*Other Income Other annual income (step 4a)
*Withholding Extra withholding by pay period (step 4c)
Multiple Jobs Two jobs in total? (step 2c)
This employee is a rehire
Employee Number Employee code May be generated in Spectrum.
Expected Hire Date Changes Status Status If Hire Date is in the future, set to Inactive; if Hire Date is today or in the past, set to Active.
*Company Company code
*Cost Center Cost center
*Pay Frequency Frequency
*Payroll Department Department
Union Code Union
Wage Code Wage code
*Pay Type Pay type
*Wage Salary rate / Hourly rate
*Workers Compensation Workers comp code
*Resident Tax State Tax code