Archive a Form Template

Administrators can archive form templates. Archiving a form template removes it from the list of available templates, which prevents any new forms from being created from it. Archived form templates can also be restored at anytime.

  1. From the home page, in the Onboarding section, select Hiring Process Setup.
    Note: Alternatively, select in the upper left corner of the home page, and select HR Management > Hiring Setup.
  2. Select the Manage Custom Tasks tab.
    The Form Templates page opens.
  3. In the Actions column of the grid, select the More button , and then select Archive Template.
    A message displays to confirm that archiving was successful.
  4. To view or restore archived templates, select the View Archived Templates link in the upper right of the Form Templates page.
    In the list of archived templates, you can select the More button in the Actions column and then select Restore Template to make a template available for use again.