Form Template Fields

Find descriptions for question types and other component options for the Template Builder when creating form templates.

Note: Most Template Builder question type or other component provides you with options to Allow Attachments, Require Attachments, add Help Text, and add a Grid Header when you add a question type or other component into a section and select More Options. Each question type or other component can be set to Required and/or Active for your template.
Note: If you are adding Drop down, Multiple Choice or Single Select questions to your form template, be sure that you have added lookup details via the Lookups tab. You may also select Add Lookup from within the template.
Table 1. Template Builder - Question Types
Question TypeDescription
CheckboxA single checkbox with a description.
DateProvides a calendar allowing users to select a date.
DropdownProvides a list with a lookup allowing users to select one item from the list.
Multiple ChoiceDisplays all items from a lookup list, allowing users to select more than one lookup item.
Single SelectDisplays all items from a lookup list, allowing users to select one lookup item.
TextProvides a single line for text entry.
Multi-lineProvides multi-lines for text entry.
Table 2. Template Builder - Other Components
CurrencyDisplays a field for users to enter an amount based on currency.
NumberProvides a field for numeric entry.
Note: For lengthy numerical entries, such as phone numbers and bank account numbers, use the Text question type.
Pass/FailDisplays a checkbox of either Pass or Fail.
PercentageDisplays a field for percentage entry.
RatingProvides users a rating system out of 5 stars.
SignatureDisplays a field where users can draw or auto-generate their signature.
InitialsDisplays a field where a user's initials are auto-generated.
TimeDisplays a field where users can enter a time entry in 00:00:00 AM or PM.
Yes/NoProvides users a multi-choice checkbox of yes or no.
Note: You can add a third entry by selecting Add "Not Applicable" as an option.
PDFEmbed a PDF, including a Fillable PDF, into a form.
InformationAdd instructions or other helpful static information for users to see when filling out a form.
Note: The Information option includes a rich text editor, linking capability, and the ability to imbed graphics and videos.