Create Profile Groups and Assign Permissions

Set up profile groups for your organization and assign HR specialist permissions.

HR administrators create profile groups or hiring locations, grant profile group permissions for HR specialists, and designate profile group administrators.
  1. From the home page, in the Onboarding section, select Hiring Process Setup.
    Note: Alternatively, select in the upper left corner of the home page, and select HR Management > Hiring Setup.
  2. Select the Manage Profile Groups tab.
    Tip: Some fields on the Profile Group Settings page have Helper text. To view Helper text, hover the mouse over the Information buttonnext to the field name.
  3. Select Create Profile Group.
    Tip: You can also open an existing profile group, rename it, add or remove information, and save the edited profile under the new name.
  4. Enter a Profile Group Name (for example, Seattle or East Branch).
  5. To customize new hire invitations sent from this hiring location with a unique company name and logo, enter that Company Name and upload the Company Logo.
    Note: The custom company name and logo replace your enterprise name and logo on new hire invitations and the Welcome tab of the Employee Onboarding page for this profile group only.
  6. Use the Company Codes field to restrict the companies that may be assigned to new hires associated with this profile group.
    • The companies you select here display in the Company field in the Edit Spectrum Details window.
    • Leave this field blank if you want all companies in your enterprise available for this profile group.
  7. Select Add Specialist.
    The Add Specialist window opens, showing HR specialists in the current user's enterprise.
    Note: Profile groups may be saved without adding HR specialists. The HR administrator can add HR specialists at any time as needed.
  8. Select the checkbox for each HR specialist to add to this profile group. You can search for HR specialists using the Search Specialists box.
    Note: HR specialists are enterprise users who have been assigned an HR Management Specialist Role in the Trimble Construction One Admin Center. Contact your Enterprise Administrator for assistance assigning HR Management Roles.
  9. Select Add Specialists.
    The system returns to the Profile Groups Settings page.
  10. Set permissions for each HR specialist by selecting the slider for the appropriation options.
    You can grant the following profile group permissions:
    • Invite: Can invite new hires to onboard.
    • Manage New Hires: Can view and manage new hires on the New Hire Dashboard.
    • Initialize: Can send new hire records to Spectrum. HR specialists with Initialize rights are given Manage New Hires permission by default.
    • Profile Admin: Can manage hiring profiles and onboarding form templates for a profile group.
    Important: If an HR specialist has no assigned profile group permissions, that specialist will not see any information after logging in to Onboarding.
  11. To remove an HR specialist from a location, select the Trash icon.
  12. When you are finished making changes, select Save.
  13. To modify a profile group later on, select or search for it in the left pane, make your changes, and select Save.
Log in to Onboarding as newly-assigned HR specialists to assure that they can access system areas and options as expected.