HR Specialist Profile Group Permissions

Find descriptions for the profile group permissions that HR administrators can assign to HR specialists. HR specialist permissions apply to their assigned profile groups only.

Profile Group Permission Description
Invite Can send onboarding invitations to new hires in this profile group.
Manage New Hires Can view the New Hire Dashboard for new hires in this profile group.

Can create and save custom views for personal use. When a new hire's onboarding status is Working on Tasks or Submitted:
  • Can edit personal information for new hires with a Status of Invited
  • Can edit I-9 and W-4 information
  • Can complete step 2 of the I-9 and W-4
  • Can add or remove tasks (returns Submitted status to Working on Tasks)
  • Can edit tasks after a new hire is initialized to Spectrum
Initialize Can view the New Hire Dashboard.

Can send new hire records to Spectrum.
Note: If you select Initialize for an HR specialist, the system automatically activates the Manage New Hires permission for that specialist.
Profile Admin Can create, edit, and delete hiring profiles.

Can assign hiring profiles to their designated profile groups.

Can create and edit form templates specific to their profile groups.