Access Onboarding

Open Onboarding from the Trimble Construction One workcenter.

From the Home Page

The home page provides a number of options and a snapshot of new hire progress, depending on the user's permissions. To access Onboarding from the home page, select a link under the Onboarding heading:

  • Invite New Hire : Visible to HR specialists with Invite permissions.

  • New Hire Dashboard: Visible to HR specialists with permission to Manage New Hires and Initialize to Spectrum.

  • Hiring Process Setup: Visible to HR specialists with Profile Admin permissions.

From the Main Menu

From the Trimble Construction One main menu in the upper left corner of the home page, select HR Management, and then choose either New Hire Dashboard or Hiring Setup.

From the Application Menu

From the upper right of the Trimble Construction One work center, select , and then select HR Management.