Getting Started: Onboarding Workflow

After an HR administrator configures your hiring setup, authorized HR specialists can invite new hires to onboard, track new hire progress on the dashboard, approve new hire details, and initialize records to your ERP system.

Watch the following video for an overview of the Onboarding workflow from start to finish. For written instructions, see the steps below.

Configure Hiring Setup

  1. Create profile groups (hiring locations or business units): An HR administrator starts by creating profile groups and assigning HR specialist permissions within each profile group.
  2. Create hiring profiles: Profile Admins create hiring profiles (job roles) and assign them to their profile groups.
  3. Create custom tasks and forms: Custom tasks might include state tax withholding forms, a company handbook review, direct deposit or health insurance forms, or a request for attachments, such as a driver's license.

Invite New Hires to Onboard

Authorized HR specialists send onboarding invitations to new hires who belong to their profile groups. New hires access your onboarding site with a unique application code (access code). See Invite a New Hire to Onboard for details.

Track Progress on the New Hire Dashboard

View a summary of all new hires who have been invited to onboard and track onboarding status. See Track Progress on the New Hire Dashboard for details.

Review New Hire Details and Complete Step 2

After a new hire submits completed forms, an authorized HR specialist completes step 2 for federal forms and enters payroll-related details required for Spectrum. See Review New Hire Details for more information.

Initialize New Hire Records to Spectrum

When all information is complete, an authorized HR specialist sends new hire information to Spectrum with the select of a button. See Initialize Onboarding Records to Spectrum for details.