Review the New Hire's Record in Spectrum

After a successful initialization, open Spectrum and review the newly-created Payroll record.

Tip: For quick access to new hire records created in Onboarding, use the Employee List Dashboard app in Spectrum. For instructions on configuring this Dashboard widget, see Using the Dashboard to Manage New Hires in Spectrum Help.
  1. Log in to Spectrum.
  2. From the Employee List Dashboard app, select an employee whose record you want to review.
    The employee's record opens on the Employee Main Properties screen.
  3. Verify the new hire's name (the name tied to the Employee code) and Legal name for accuracy.
    See Employee Main Properties - Field Descriptions in Spectrum Help for additional information about this screen.
    • The employee name and legal name do not have to match. If they do not match, verify that the names are correct as shown, or edit them as necessary.
    • If the name tied to the Employee code is more than 30 characters, a warning displays on the Employee Main Properties screen. You must edit this name to fit within the 30-character limit.
      Note: Names that exceed the 30-character limit also display with a red exclamation mark on Spectrum's Employees screen (Payroll > Maintenance > Employees) to indicate that they must be reviewed and edited.
  4. Review the overall setup for the new hire.
  5. After you verify the information, return to the Employee Main Properties screen, and change the Employee status to Active.
  6. Click Save.