Log in to the Welcome Page

Log in to the Welcome Page of your company's Onboarding website.

New hires receive a link to your Welcome page in their onboarding email invitation. This page is their starting point in the onboarding process. You can log in as the new hire to assure that onboarding steps and forms display as expected, or allow a new hire to log in to a public computer at your office in order to complete onboarding tasks.
  1. In the New Hire Dashboard, select Welcome Page (New Hire) in the upper right.

  2. Enter the new hire's first and last name.
  3. Enter the new hire's Application Code:
    • Locate the new hire's Application Code (access code) on the New Hire Details page (Info & Status section).
    • This code is provided to the new hire via the onboarding invitation if a Phone Number was included in the invitation. If not, an HR administrator must transmit the code another way.
  4. Review the Employee Onboarding page to assure that information displays as expected or to review the information that the new hire has entered.
  5. To exit, close the browser tab.