Send an Onboarding Invitation

Invite new hires to onboard with your company.

Onboarding invitations are sent via email directly from your website. In their invitation, new hires receive a link to the Welcome page of your Onboarding website and an access code.

HR specialists must have Invite permission for a new hire's profile group in order to invite that new hire to onboard.

  1. From the home page, in the Onboarding section, select Invite New Hire .
    Note: Alternatively, you can select the Invite New Hire tab from the New Hire Dashboard.
  2. In the New Onboarding Invitation, enter the new hire's first and last name in the appropriate fields.
  3. Enter the new hire's Email address.
    If you enter an email address but no phone number, the new hire receives an email with a link to your Onboarding site and instructions saying that an access code will be provided by an HR administrator.
  4. In Phone Number, enter the new hire's mobile phone number.
    As part of the verification process, new hires receive a text message with an access code that they use to sign in to your Onboarding website. If you do not enter a phone number for the new hire, you must provide the access code in person or another way.
  5. Select a Profile Group for the new hire.
    Profile groups designate the new hire's location and HR specialist.
  6. Choose a hiring Profile.

    Hiring profiles indicate which tasks new hires must complete as part of the onboarding process.

  7. The list of tasks assigned to this hiring profile display.
    You can add (or remove) onboarding tasks for this new hire to complete if necessary. Any tasks added here are assigned to the new hire, not to the overall hiring profile.
    1. Select Add Tasks.

    2. In the Add Tasks window, choose the tasks or forms that new hires in this profile must complete (for example, Safety Video). You can also use the Search box to search for a task to add to the hiring profile.

    3. To remove a task, select the Trash icon.

    4. When you are finished, select Update Tasks to return to the Onboarding invitation.
  8. Select Send Invitation.
Log in as the new hire from the test Welcome page to assure that onboarding steps and forms display as expected.