Review New Hire Details

Use the New Hire Details page to review a new hire's onboarding progress, add onboarding tasks, or initialize a new hire's onboarding record to Spectrum.

HR specialists must have the appropriate profile group permissions to access or change New Hire Details.

To access New Hire Details, select a new hire's name in the New Hire Dashboard. The New Hire Details page provides the following sections:

  • Personal Information: Displays the new hire's personal details, including name, email address, and phone number. Some personal information prefills based on the onboarding invitation.
  • Info & Status: Shows a summary of the new hire's current onboarding status, tasks completed, hiring profile, and profile group, similar to what the New Hire Dashboard shows. This section also shows the new hire's access code for logging in to your Onboarding website.
  • Spectrum Details: Lists the new hire's payroll information and voluntary self-identification information, if provided.
  • Task Progress: Displays the number of tasks the new hire has completed and total tasks remaining. Tasks that require HR action display with an orange check mark. Completed HR tasks display with a green check mark. Tasks that require new hire action display with a red asterisk.