Add Onboarding Tasks for Individual New Hires

Customize onboarding tasks for individual new hires.

Hiring Managers can add or remove tasks for new hires who already belong to a hiring profile but require supplemental onboarding forms or training.

Tasks may be added for new hires up until their record is initialized to Spectrum. If the new hire has already submitted forms, adding a new onboarding task returns the new hire's status to Working on Tasks on the New Hire Dashboard.
  1. From the New Hire Dashboard, select a new hire's name in the grid.
    The New Hire Details page opens, showing a summary of the new hire's onboarding status, tasks, and progress.
  2. Under Task Progress, select Add Tasks.

    The Add Tasks window opens.

  3. Select the checkboxes for the tasks or forms that this new hire must complete (for example, Personal Protective Equipment Training):
    Tip: You can use the Search box to search for a task by name.
    1. To have tasks display in alphabetical order for the new hire, select all the tasks at once and then select Update Tasks.

    2. To have tasks display in a specific order, add them one at a time. For example, if you want the Voluntary Self Identification form to display before your Direct Deposit form, select the Voluntary Self Identification form and then select Update Tasks. Then re-open the Add Tasks window, select the Direct Deposit form and then select Update Tasks again.

    After you update tasks, the system returns to the New Hire Details page.

  4. If employees are completing tasks on-site, under the Task Progress section, select the Start button for a task when you are ready to have the new hire complete that step.
  5. To print or download a PDF version of a completed task, select the Print icon for that task.
    A separate browser page or window opens showing the task with the new hire's answers. Select to print or download the task.
  6. To remove a task from this hiring profile, select the Trash icon.