Edit a New Hire's Spectrum Details

Edit a new hire's payroll-related information before initializing the onboarding record to Spectrum.

On the New Hire Details page, the Spectrum Details area lists all fields that require entries before you can send the record to Spectrum. Voluntary Self-ID and W-4 information prefills based on the forms that the new hire submitted during onboarding. Hiring Managers can edit Spectrum Details as needed.
  1. From the home page, in the Onboarding section, select New Hire Dashboard.
    Note: Alternatively, select in the upper left corner of the home page, and select HR Management > New Hire Dashboard.
  2. Select a new hire's name.
    The New Hire Details page opens.
  3. In the Spectrum Details section, select Edit Details.
    The Edit Spectrum Details window opens.
  4. Review each section: Self ID, W-4, and Spectrum. Assure that information for the Voluntary Self-Identification Form, Form W-4, and Spectrum Payroll record has been provided.
    Note: If the employee completed Form W-4 as part of onboarding, the Filing Status, Deductions, Dependent Amount, Other Income, Withholding, and Multiple Jobs fields display as read-only. If not, these fields may be edited by an HR manager.
  5. If you are rehiring an employee:
    1. Select the This employee is a rehire checkbox.

    2. In the Rehire Employee field, search for and select the employee by name or by existing employee number in Spectrum.

      Only employees with existing records in Spectrum may be selected for the Rehire Employee field. If you enter the name of an employee who does not have a Payroll record in Spectrum, that name cannot be saved in this field.

  6. Generate the employee's Payroll number based on Spectrum settings, or enter a number manually:
    Note: For rehired employees, the system links onboarding records to the new hire's existing Payroll records in Spectrum and reuses the existing employee ID.

    • To generate the employee number based on Spectrum' Payroll settings (Payroll Installation - Properties > Auto-number employee codes field), select Generate employee number (displays for new employees, not rehires).
    • To enter a number manually, enter that number in the Employee Number field (grayed out if you selected Generate employee number).
  7. If you know the new hire's official start date, enter that date in the Expected Hire Date field.
    Tip: You can also select a date field to choose a date from the calendar.
  8. Assign the new hire to a Company in your organization.

    The company that you select affects cost center and wage-related options.

    • After you select a company, the Cost Center, Payroll Department, Union Code, Pay Type, and Resident Tax State fields are available.
    • After you select a Union Code, the Wage Code fields is available.
    • After you select a Resident Tax State, the Workers Compensation field is available.
  9. Select the Pay Frequency for the new hire.
  10. Enter the new hire's Wage.
  11. Select Save Changes.