Track Progress on the New Hire Dashboard

Use the New Hire Dashboard to view a summary of all new hires who have been invited to onboard, track onboarding status, and initialize records to Spectrum.

Access the New Hire Dashboard from the link on your home page. Or select the main menu in the upper left-hand corner of Trimble Construction One, and select HR Management > New Hire Dashboard.

An HR specialist's profile group permissions determine which areas of the New Hire Dashboard are available. Depending on these permissions, HR specialists can perform the following tasks from the New Hire Dashboard:

  • Invite new hires to onboard
  • Search for new hire records
  • Find the employee's access code
  • Send email reminders
  • View, download, and print completed forms
  • Access and update new hire personal information
  • Prepare the new hire's Payroll record before sending to Spectrum
  • Send the Payroll record to Spectrum

Customize how information displays in the dashboard by using filter and search options, sorting by column headers, or creating and saving dashboard views.