New Hire Dashboard Fields

The following table provides descriptions for the fields shown on the New Hire Dashboard.

Field Description

Name of the new hire who is onboarding. New hires must have been sent an onboarding invitation in order for their names to display on the New Hire Dashboard.


The hiring profile assigned to the person who is onboarding. Profile group administrators set up hiring profiles and assign them to new hires to assure that employees in the same role complete the appropriate onboarding tasks.

Profile Group

The hiring location or business unit for the new hire. Profile groups allow you to tie groups of employees to specific hiring locations or business units with designated HR specialists.

Expected Hire Date

Date that you expect the new hire to start work at your company.

Invitation Sent

Date that an HR specialist sent an email asking the new hire to complete onboarding tasks through your website.


Current phase of the new hire's onboarding process (for example, Invited or Working on Tasks).

Tasks Completed

Number of tasks that the new hire has completed in the onboarding process. Also shows the total number of onboading tasks assigned.