Onboarding Status Descriptions

Find descriptions for each phase in the onboarding process. View a new hire's onboarding status on the New Hire Dashboard.

Status Description
Invited HR specialist has emailed an onboarding invitation to the new hire.

New hire has not yet accepted the invitation.
No Personal Info New hire has accepted the onboarding invitation, but has not yet entered any personal information, such as address or date of birth, as part of the onboarding process.
Working on Tasks New hire is working on or has completed assigned tasks but has not yet submitted them.
Note: If a new hire has had more than five failed login attempts, the account status will show as locked. HR specialists with permission to the new hire's record can unlock the account on the New Hire Details page.
Submitted New hire has completed all assigned tasks and submitted them for HR review.
Note: If an HR specialist edits personal information or adds a task for a new hire who has already submitted forms, the new hire's status returns to Working on Tasks.
Initializing HR specialist initialized the new hire's record to Spectrum and data is currently being transferred.
Initialized HR specialist initialized the new hire's record to Spectrum and data was transferred successfully.
Failed to Initialize After an HR specialist attempted to initialize the new hire's record to Spectrum, issues or errors occurred. A Failed Reason displays on the New Hire Details page (Info & Status section).
Note: HR specialists can add tasks for new hires whose records failed to initialize. Adding tasks at this point returns the new hire's status to Working on Tasks.
Archived Profile group administrator removed the new hire from the onboarding process prior to initializing the record to Spectrum. The onboarding record is preserved and may be unarchived at any time.