What's New in HR Management for Spectrum 2020 R10

The HR Management for Spectrum 2020 R10 release includes email notifications for submitted onboarding packets, new subheadings for Spectrum Details, and custom home page options.

User Guides available from the Resource Center

View how-to guides designed to help HR Management users set up their Onboarding workflows and learn about the New Hire Dashboard.

To open the Resource Center, select the blue question mark in the upper-right hand corner of the of the ViewpointOne workcenter. Then select User Guides from the menu.

New Email Notification When Onboarding Packets are Submitted

HR specialists with Manage New Hires permission now receive an email notification when a new hire in any of their profile groups submits an onboarding packet.

The email notification includes the name of the employee who submitted the forms and a link to the New Hire Details page for that employee.

Custom Home Page Options

Users now see only the home page options that pertain to their permissions and profile groups. See About the Trimble Construction One™ Home Page for details.

New Subheadings for Spectrum Details

On the New Hire Details page, the Spectrum Details section now includes subheadings to guide users through the fields relevant to Voluntary Self-Identification Form, Form W-4, and Spectrum. These subheadings also display on the Edit Spectrum Details window.

Enhanced Search for Rehires

Enhancements were made when searching for a rehired employee's Spectrum Payroll record:
  • Added messaging to show when a rehire search comes back as empty, and added a loading spinner to indicate that a search is taking place.
  • Users can now search for employees by name or by their existing employee number in Spectrum.

Improved Guidance When Initializing to Spectrum

Improvements were made to the pop-up message that displays when initializing a new hire record with an incomplete Form W-4. The pop-up message now directs users to the Spectrum Details area of the New Hire Details page to view or change W-4 information.

New Hire Status Changes

Labels for new hire statuses no longer include the phrase "ERP." On the New Hire Dashboard:
  • Created status has been removed. New hires now start with a status of Invited.
  • Initializing status has been added. A new hire's status may display as Initializing while data is being transferred to Spectrum.

Custom Tasks and Forms

General improvements were made to forms performance and messaging.

About Viewpoint Help - Beta Release

Viewpoint introduces Viewpoint Help, a new help website that gives you access to comprehensive product documentation from a single location. Please visit the beta release of Viewpoint Help and click the banner to send us your feedback. For more information, see About Viewpoint Help - Beta Release.

Important: Once Viewpoint Help officially launches, clicking help in HR Management will open the HR Management page in the new Viewpoint Help website. At that time, any bookmarks to pages in the existing Help you have saved will redirect to the HR Management page in Viewpoint Help. From there, you can navigate to the Help page you want, and create a new bookmark.

Issues Fixed

The following issues were fixed in the HR Management for Spectrum 2020 R10 release.

  • New hire names with special characters or numbers are now accepted when logging in to Onboarding.
  • Users now receive a warning after 10 minutes of inactivity and a countdown to being logged off automatically.
  • Corrected issue with counts shown under the New Hire Progress Snapshot on the home page.
Hiring Setup
  • On the Process Builder tab, duplicate hiring profiles no longer display for hiring profiles assigned to multiple profile groups.
  • In Manage Custom tasks, fixed validation issue for forms using Text Multiline element with Validation Regex.
  • In Manage Profile Groups, corrected issue with deleting specialists from a profile group.
New Hire Dashboard
  • In New Hire Details:
    • Complete Step 2 button for Forms W-4 and I-9 is now grayed out until the employee completes those forms.
    • Corrected errors when reloading New Hire Details page after modifying a new hire packet or updating Form W-4.
    • Corrected display issue when printing custom PDF tasks using the Print icon.
  • In Edit Spectrum Details, the Employee Number field is now required if you have not selected Generate Employee Number. In addition, the Rehire Employee field is now required if you select This employee is a rehire.