What's New in HR Management for Spectrum 2020 R11

The HR Management for Spectrum 2020 R11 release includes customizable views of the New Hire Dashboard, custom company names and logos, and consolidated email notifications for onboarding packet submissions.

Save Custom Views of the New Hire Dashboard

HR admins and users with Manage New Hires permission can now create and save custom views of the New Hire Dashboard. Hiring managers can set up views for personal use. HR admins can set up personal views or create public views to share within your organization.

Access, customize, and save views using options that display above the dashboard grid. For more information, see Customize Views on the New Hire Dashboard.

Customize Company Names and Logos

Customize new hire invitations with the unique name and logo for each company in your business. On the Manage Profile Groups page, enter the Company Name and upload the Company Logo to use on new hire invitations and the Welcome tab of the Employee Onboarding page.

The custom name and logo replace your enterprise name and logo for the selected profile group only.

Limit Companies Available in Edit Spectrum Details

You can now limit the companies that may be assigned to new hires based on their profile group:

  • In Manage Profile Groups, use the new Company Codes drop-down field to select the companies to make available for a profile group. If you leave this field blank, all companies in your enterprise are available.
  • HR specialists assign new hires to a company in the Edit Spectrum Details window.

New Hire Email Notifications Now Grouped

Email notifications about onboarding packet submissions are now sent once every 15 minutes instead of a separate email being sent for each packet submission. Each notification lists all new hires who submitted a packet during the most recent 15-minute interval.
Note: HR specialists must have Manage New Hires permission to receive email notifications about new hires in their profile groups.

Mobile Improvements

General design enhancements were made to improve application usability on a mobile device.

Active/Inactive Status for Custom Form Templates

Important: In Manage Custom tasks, form templates can no longer be set as active or inactive. Templates now remain active by default.

About Viewpoint Help - Beta Release

Viewpoint introduces Viewpoint Help, a new help website that gives you access to comprehensive product documentation from a single location. Please visit the beta release of Viewpoint Help and click the banner to send us your feedback. For more information, see About Viewpoint Help.
Important: Once Viewpoint Help officially launches, clicking help in HR Management will open the HR Management page in the new Viewpoint Help website. At that time, any bookmarks to pages in the existing Help you have saved will redirect to the HR Management page in Viewpoint Help. From there, you can navigate to the Help page you want, and create a new bookmark.

Issues Fixed

The following issues were fixed in the HR Management for Spectrum 2020 R11 release.

  • Home page widgets now display as expected for Onboarding Admins. In addition, a fix was made to assure proper authentication of user roles and permissions.
Hiring Setup
  • On the Process Builder tab, deleted tasks are now removed under Tasks to Complete. Previously, tasks remained visible after they were deleted.
New Hire Dashboard
  • In New Hire Details, the Initialize to Spectrum button is no longer available for records that have been initialized or archived. In addition, the Trash icon is no longer available for custom tasks after new hires have been initialized.
  • In Edit Spectrum Details, the Pay Frequency Annual was changed to Annually to prevent issues initializing to Spectrum.
  • Onboarding now allows for spaces in a new hire's last name. Previously, new hires with spaces in their last names received an error when trying to log in to your onboarding site. Note that spaces are not allowed at the beginning or end of a new hire's name.