What's New in HR Management for Spectrum 2020 R12

The HR Management for Spectrum 2020 R12 release includes enhancements to the user interface in Profile Group Settings and a new Application Menu in the ViewpointOne workcenter. It also introduces Viewpoint Help, which provides print and sharing capabilities as well as easy access to Help for other Viewpoint products.

Enhanced User Interface for Profile Group Settings

Several improvements were made to the Profile Group Settings page:
  • The Company Codes field has been moved above the Company Logo box, and assigned company codes now display in columns for better readability.
  • Helper text has been added to the Company Name and Company Logo fields. To view Helper text, hover the mouse over the Information buttonnext to the field name.

Application Menu

A new Application Menu has been added to the ViewpointOne workcenter, allowing you to easily switch between products. Click in the upper right corner of the workcenter, and then select an application. See About the Application Menu for details.

Viewpoint Help

This release introduces the new Viewpoint Help site. With Viewpoint Help, you can:
  • Access Help for multiple Viewpoint products.
  • Filter your search by categories such as "product" or "video."
  • Easily print or generate PDFs of individual Help pages or entire sections of Help.
For more information, see About Viewpoint Help.

Issues Fixed

The following issues were fixed in the HR Management for Spectrum 2020 R12 release.

Hiring Setup
  • Corrected issue with new profile groups having company codes assigned before any had been selected.
  • Fixed issue copying custom task templates.
New Hire Dashboard
  • On the PDF version of Form I-9 accessed from New Hire Details, the following fields are no longer required:
    • Middle Initial (M.I.).
    • On page 2, Expiration Date for items in List B, except Driver's License and Government ID, and Expiration Date for all items in List C.