What's New in HR Management for Spectrum 2022 R6

This HR Management for Spectrum release introduces Employee Self-Service, which allows your employees to view and update their personal information in the Trimble Construction One workcenter.

Welcome to Employee Self-Service!

Employees can now manage the information that they currently have on file in your Spectrum ERP system, view their earnings information, and more! To enable employee users, you will need to create limited security Spectrum operator records for your employees and then migrate those operator accounts to Trimble Construction One.

Watch a video demonstration of Employee Self-Service features.

Security Setup Help and Training

In order for your employees to access Employee Self-Service, you will need to create limited security Spectrum operator records for them and then migrate those operator accounts to Trimble Construction One. For details on security setup for employees, see Security Requirements for Employee Users.

You can also enroll in the Spectrum HR Management - Migrating Employees to Trimble Construction One training course available on the Viewpoint Academy. You will need to enter your Viewpoint Academy login credentials to enroll in this course.

Employee Self-Service Features

Features Available to Employee Users

For this initial release of Employee Self-Service, employee users with the appropriate security setup can access the following:

  • Personal Information: Currently, employees can update their contact information and an emergency contact. They can also review their direct deposit information on file, with the ability to edit direct deposit information coming soon!

  • Earnings: Employees can view pay stub summaries, including net pay and total hours.

Employee users can refer to the Employee Self-Service section in Help to learn how to set up their user accounts, log in, and access their Personal Information and Earnings.

Features Available to HR Users

HR team members will have access to a new set of HR Admin Tools, depending on their user role and permissions:

  • Permission Groups: HR admins set up permission groups to determine whose employee information HR specialists can view from the Employee Dashboard.

  • Employee Dashboard: HR Specialists can use the Employee Dashboard to review and manage information currently on file for those employees who fall under their assigned permission groups.

HR users can refer to the HR Administration section in Help to learn how to set up their user accounts, log in, create permission groups (HR admins), and access the Employee Dashboard (HR specialists).

For help adding HR team members to an enterprise or an explanation of HR Management Roles, see the Enterprise Administration page.

New Structure for HR Management Help

The Help for HR Management has been restructured in conjunction with the release of Employee Self-Service and the new HR Admin Tools.

You will find new tiles available on the HR Management home page in Viewpoint Help. Onboarding users may notice that the Onboarding tile has been removed. You can access Onboarding Help from the HR Tools and Administration section.

Here is a quick overview of each Help section:

  • What's New: Learn about the enhancements and changes made in the current release and in prior releases.

  • Employee Self-Service: The entry point for employee users looking for information on how to set up their user account, log in, and learn how to use Employee Self-Service features like Personal Info and Earnings. See Employee Self-Service.

  • HR Tools and Administration: The entry point for HR team members who are looking for information on application setup and security, permission groups, and HR tools, such as the Employee Dashboard and Onboarding. See HR Administration.

  • Videos: View video demonstrations of key Onboarding workflows and features. Look for videos on Employee Self-Service features in future releases. See the Videos section.

To access Help:
  • You can always access HR Management for Spectrum Help from help.viewpoint.com.

  • Within the HR Management application, you access help through the Resource Center, which is available by selecting the in the upper right corner of any application page.