What's New in HR Management for Spectrum 2022 R9

This HR Management for Spectrum release delivers enhancements to Employee Self-Service, including the ability to view, download, and print pay stubs and W-2 forms in Earnings, a new history log for Personal Information changes, and the option to have users access Employee Self-Service from hr.viewpoint.com.

Employee Self-Service Enhancements

New! View Pay Stubs and W-2 Forms in Earnings

Employees can now view, download, and print copies of their pay stubs and W-2 forms from the Earnings page in Employee Self-Service.

  • View pay stubs (on screen and as PDF): From the Earnings page, select the Pay Stubs tab to locate a pay stub by year and company (up to the last 13 months). Each pay stub tile shows a new View Pay Stub button that you can select to open a mobile-friendly version of the pay stub on the screen. From there, you can review pay stub details and select to download a PDF version of the pay stub.

  • View W-2 forms (PDF only): From the Earnings page, select the new Tax Statements tab to locate a W-2 by year and company (2020 and 2021 only). Each W-2 tile shows a View W-2 button that you can select to open a PDF version of that W-2 form.

See View Pay Stubs or Tax Statements for more information.

New! History Log in Employee Details

On the Employee Details page, you can select the new History tab to view an audit of Personal Information changes for an employee. Audit history details include the date and time that a change was made, the Personal Information field that the employee changed, and the approval status.

See View History of Personal Information Changes for more information.

Enhanced Approval Process for Personal Information Changes

The following enhancements were made to the approval process for Personal Information changes:
  • New Pending Approvals button: On the Employee Details > Personal & Employment Info tab, a new Pending Approvals button now displays in the upper right to show the number of Personal Information changes pending approval for the employee. You can select either this new button or the Approvals tab to open the Approvals page.

  • New tile for pending approvals and new Review Changes window: On the Approvals page, changes to Personal Information are now summarized on a tile. Select the arrow on this tile to open the new Review Changes pop-up window where you can approve or deny the change.

See Approve Personal Information Changes for more information.

New! User-Friendly URL for Employee Self-Service

Employees can now use their existing login credentials to access Employee Self-Service via the following URL website address: hr.viewpoint.com.

Add this new URL to your company's internal website so that your employees can quickly navigate to Employee Self-Service. As long as they have created their login credentials, employees can log in via hr.viewpoint.com. See Getting Started: User Accounts for more information about setting up an account.

Note: Your current URL to Employee Self-Service will continue to work if you prefer to keep using it. The hr.viewpoint.com website address is simply an additional, user-friendly option available to employees.

Onboarding Tips and Tricks

When you add tasks to a hiring profile, you can have those tasks display in alphabetical order or in a specific order of your choosing. See Control the Order of Hiring Tasks in an Onboarding Packet for a short video and instructions.

Revised Structure for HR Management Help

The Help for HR Management has been restructured as follows:
  • A new Data Integration tile has been added to the main landing page. Use this tile to link to tables that show how data flows between HR Management and Spectrum. The current release includes a new table that illustrates the Data Flow for Personal Information.
  • The Onboarding tile has been re-added to the main landing page for ease of navigation. Select this tile for quick access to the Onboarding Help section.