What's New in HR Management for Spectrum 2023 R5

The 2023 R5 release of HR Management for Spectrum delivers the ability to view an employee's job details and enhancements to the User Management - Beta page. This release is available as of 5/23/2023.

Employee Details

New! View employee job details

HR managers and authorized HR specialists can now view an employee's current job information from the Employee Details page. Under Employee Details > Personal & Employment Info, select the new Employment tab to view job details, including the employee's ID, company, job title, hire date, location, payroll department, and cost center (if applicable).

For more information about the fields shown on the new Employment tab, see Employee Details Fields. For help accessing the Employee Details page, see View Employee Details.

User Management

New! Enhanced filters on the User Management - Beta page

The following improvements were made to the filters available on the User Management - Beta page:

  • The Company filter has been moved to the top of the page, and it has been changed to a dropdown field. Select a company from the dropdown list to narrow search results in the grid.

  • The Roles and Employment Status filters were also changed to dropdown fields. Each of these fields offers the same checkboxes as before. Select one or more checkboxes for each filter to narrow search results in the grid.

For more details on how to use the User Management - Beta page, see Verify That Employees Can Access Employee Self-Service.

Migrate Employees to Trimble Construction One

Full names now migrated into the system

Previously, when migrating employee users from Spectrum to Trimble Construction One, only the first two words of an employee's name, as shown in the Operator Maintenance screen in Spectrum, were migrated. As a result, for users who had a middle name (or middle initial) entered in Spectrum, only their first and middle names would show in Trimble Construction One. This has been corrected. An employee's full name, as entered in the Operator Maintenance screen in Spectrum, will now be migrated to Trimble Construction One.

For help inviting employees into the system, see Invite Employees to Employee Self-Service.