Employee Welcome Kit

Promote your employee self-service portal to your employees and improve efficiency for your HR team.

Poster Sets

Welcome your employees with this set of engaging and informative posters, which you can download, print, and post in high-traffic areas of your office and at your off-site break rooms. Each poster includes:

  • Instructions to help your employees engage with your portal, including how to navigate the basics of logging in and how to view earnings documents.
  • A QR code that employees can scan in order to watch a quick video demonstration of the instructions.
  • A section where you can add your portal website address as a quick reference for employees.
Posters come in size 8.5 x 11 inches. You can print versions with or without Spanish translations.

Poster Set A: Log In To Your Employee Portal

Download this poster from the following links:

Poster Set B: View Your Earnings Documents

Download this poster from the following links: