Create a Direct Company Login

Allow employees to log in to the web application via a Direct Company Login URL.

If you want your employees to sign in to the portal without having to choose a company, you can set up Direct Company Login URLs. When users navigate to a Direct Company Login URL, they bypass the Company Number dropdown, making it appear as if they have their own separate company portal.
Note: Company-specific logins are also supported in Kiosk Mode. See Kiosk Mode Configuration for details.
  1. Select Admin > Portal Settings > Administration / Initial Setup.
  2. Select General Configuration.
  3. Confirm that your current URL displays in the setting Portal URL (include trailing '/').
  4. On the Portal Settings page, select the Portal Info tab.
  5. Note the Direct Company Login URL for each of your companies, which uses a format similar to the following: https://[yourdomain]/Account/Login?co=[companyABC].
    Note: If you have configured Kiosk Mode, your Direct Company Login URL for Kiosk Mode follows the same URL pattern except that the "/Login" portion of the URL should be replaced with "/KioskLogin." For example: https://[yourdomain]/Account/KioskLogin?co=[companyABC].

  6. On the Portal Settings page, select Administration / Initial Setup and then General Configuration again.
  7. Add the new company-specific URLs to the setting Portal URL (include trailing '/'), using the following format: '[PRCO],[URL];[PRCO],[URL]'.
    This ensures that email notifications sent from the portal use the URL specific to the user's company.