Approval Permission Types

Find descriptions for the Permission Types that you can assign on the Approval Permissions page.

For help assigning approval permissions, see Assign Approval Permissions. For help setting up employee groups, see Create Employee Groups.
Permission TypeDescription
Can Enter Expenses On Behalf OfAllows users to enter expense on behalf of other users.
Can Approve Expenses For Allows users to approve expenses for others based on user groups set up in the web portal. This option may be used in addition to or instead of assigning an Expense Reviewer Group on the User Access page (Module Bundle > Expense).
  • Expense approval assignments made on the Approval Permissions page do not support serial approval. Only one approver is required to approve the expense.
  • If a user has been assigned an Expense Reviewer Group in User Access and expense approvers in Approval Permissions, reviewers from both groups will be able to approve expense receipts. Expenses will flow through Expense Reviewer Group sequences as usual.
See About Expense Approval Assignments for additional information.
Can Enter Performance Reviews ForAllows users to review Performance Evaluations for others. See Performance Reviews for more details.
Can Approve Job Time ForAllows you to limit Job Approval by employee group. In addition, the following setup is required:
  • Approvers must be assigned to the job in either JC Jobs or PM Projects in Vista.
  • The portal setting Require Job Approval Employee Security via Role Assignment must be enabled (Admin > Portal Settings > Timecard > Job Approval).
Can Enter & Approve Timecard(s) ForAllows users to approve the entire timecard on the Timecard Approval page.
  • If a group is set up to enter and approve, that group has access to enter and approve timecards for their users, and may receive email notifications when a timecard is ready for approval (typically a manager role).
  • To turn on email notifications, use the portal setting Enable Approval Reminder emails to managers. (Admin > Portal Settings > Email Configuration > Timecard Settings.
Can Enter Timecard(s) ForAllows users to enter on behalf of the Employee Group. These users do not approve timecards but have access to Timecard Approval where they can see the Timecard History for users in their Employee Groups.
Note: For Vista Field Service users, you must set up this permission for any technicians who should be able to enter time for other technicians.
Can Enter Timecard(s) For (Hide Timecard History)Allows users the same access as Can Enter Timecards For but removes the Timecard Approval Page.
Can Approve Time-Off RequestsAllows users to approve time off on the Time Off Dashboard. For more details, see Time Off.
Can View Time Off Calendar forAllows users to access a Group Time Off calendar from the Time Off page where they can see all submitted, approved, and rejected time for those assigned to them. Leave codes for time off are visible only to admins and approvers.
Can View Training / Skill History ForAllows users to view training and skills for their assigned users on the Manage Training Page (Field Tools > Manage Training). For more details, see Training (Field Tools).
Can View Emergency Contacts ForAllows users to view emergency contact information for others on the Emergency Contacts page. See View or Update Emergency Contacts for more details.